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Come join us for a fun day outdoors laughing, screaming and getting even.  Next Sunday at 12:30pm we will be having a good old time at ER (Extreme Rage)   paint ball park.
I was able to secure a discounted price for us.  The cost will be $40 for Rental Package (Includes Entrance, All Day Air, Rental Equipment, and 500 rounds).

Please let us know right away so we can let the other members know who’s coming.  Feel free to bring a friend ;-)

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I sat in on a “self help” seminar lately and I walked away from it with something very interesting that I would like to share with you.
    The whole idea of “living in the now” and “success” as we see it are mutually exclusive.  You see the term “success” for us almost always means a goal we are setting for ourselves in the future.  It is something we are striving for.
In other words we say to ourselves, “I will be a success when I get my Black Belt or can doing a beautiful spinning back kick.”  Or “I will be successful when I lose 15 lbs. or can lift X amount of weight” or “When I get that job I’ve always wanted”.  Do you now see what I mean how you can’t possibly live in the now if you are always dissatisfied with what you have now and are looking to the future.
Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with striving for the future.  It is important to set goals for yourself and to work towards them, to constantly try to “improve” yourself.  But if you do so at the cost of not enjoying where you are now then what’s the sense.
  You see, I promise you that when you do reach your goal, you will only be satisfied for a brief moment and then you will look to set another goal.  There lies the problem.  If your goal was to be a Black Belt, you will now want to be a great Black Belt.  You won’t want to lose to any Brown Belt.  If your goal was to lose 15 lbs, you will then decide that you want to lose a little more, or now you want ripped abs.  If your goal was to get a specific job, well then you will strive to have your boss’s position or make more money.
So all of you should realize that right now you are a success.  You are striving to make yourself a better person every day.  While doing so you are kind to others and help others.  You take the time to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of nature around you.
Now you are living in the Now and you are a Success ;-)

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Several newish members in our programs have approached me and stated with a sly grin that they were “really sore” and wanted to know when it would go away.
    Well the honest answer is probably NEVER.  Now I must qualify that answer.  Yes that extreme soreness that people have who haven’t trained in a long time or ever for that matter will definitely go away.  But soreness, no that will probably stay with you just like that long time friend that you just can’t seem to get away from but you wish you could.
    However, if you keep up with your daily training regimen, you won’t continue to have that feeling that you want to curse your coaches every time you try and walk up or even down stairs or when you lower yourself to sit on the toilet and your legs and butt muscles are screaming at you wondering why in the world you are doing this thing you call “exercise” to them.
    If you aren’t feeling some level of soreness then you just aren’t working hard enough during class.  The soreness I’m talking about now is the pleasant (call me crazy if you will that I like it) feeling in your body that you are a bit achy but letting you know that you are very much alive.
Learn to enjoy that feeling.  As you get used to it it will be a constant reminder that you are doing right for yourself.  That ache other than the lactic acid is also your muscles getting small tears from the workout.  That is how you body changes.  Once your muscles get tiny tears from the stress of the workout, your body will naturally adapt, heal and become a better, fitter version of yourselves.
So the next time you crawl out of bed in the morning give yourself a pat on the back and know that that image staring back at you in the mirror looks better then it did yesterday.
Better and better people,
Stan ;-)

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We want to congratulate our coaches Yanessa, Alex and Giann  who competed this past weekend at the “2014 Sunshine Classic Games”.  They did a phenomenal job! Yanessa took 1st place at the women’s scaled division, Alex took 15th and Giann 24th out 57 competitors!   ;-) What a great way of starting the first week of the new year!

We also want to congratulate our member Chris Van Smith who ran a marathon this past weekend in 3 hours and 23 seconds :-).That is Rock Star time!


crossfit pictureyanessa won









crossfit competition

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Back to the first full week of the year ;-) Perfect time to put your goals into action. Schedule your workouts for the week, plan your meals, prioritize what you want to accomplish this week and let’s get it done!

We are never as happy as when everyone is getting along at home, work or school is seeing positive results and we get a good strenuous sweat going while spending time with quality people who share the same passion. All I can guarantee is one of those three.

You have the key to living the kind of life you’ve always wanted. Put your shoes on and drive over to the academy at least three times a week.We will be  looking forward to saying goodbye to you each night knowing you are much happier and healthier on the inside on your way out of the academy then when you walked in those doors.


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There were a lot of promotions this past weekend for the BJJ members.  Congratulations to all of you.  The hard work pays off!  ;-)

Remember, we are like the ancient swords of Japan.  In order to make make them battle strong, they must be folded, beaten, tempered and weathered hundreds of times until they can cut through almost anything.  Only then can they withstand the ferociousness of battle.



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This weekend several of our CrossFit members are participating at the blue print games in Miami, they have been putting in extra training for this competition and getting extra attention by coming in for our Competitors Class.

We wish them the best of luck and we are confident they will have a great time while doing their best ;-)

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Our annual Holiday Party is upon us.  We will be handing out new Jiu Jitsu belts as well as CrossFit bands to everyone who is due their promotion.
Last year was a hit so we are doing it the same way again.  We will be eating and partying at Shinju Japanese Buffet on Pines Blvd. just off of I-75 from 12 noon until 2 pm at Saturday December 14th.
The cost is free for kids 0-4,5-10 years is $10.20 and everyone older then 11 is $17.80.  This includes soda, tax and tip.  The food there is delicious.
Make sure you tell us who’s coming right away because even with 150 seats we did sell out and some people unfortunately were left out  ;-)

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Here is this week’s holiday schedule for the whole training center.  All classes are cancelled on Thanksgiving Day Thursday except for a 9 am CrossFit class.  It’s called Turkey Trot Torture.  It will totally get you ready for the Thanksgiving meal.
The regular CrossFit  schedule resumes on Friday morning.  All Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes resume to the normal schedule on Friday afternoon.  That just means no Friday morning classes for Jiu Jitsu.
For this week only we having 50% off of everything in our rack and some of our apparel for just $5!  :)

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We are excited to welcome our new Muay Thai/Kickboxing instructor here in the Training Center. We are always looking to add new members to our team that can help us make our facility the best it can possibly be.  His name is Bobby Dias.  Since Coach Alex will be taking on instructing more CrossFit classes, Bobby will now be teaching the adults and some of the Juniors Muay Thai classes.

Bobby has a wealth of experience.  Besides starting the martial arts at age 12, he began his Muay Thai and Boxing training in earnest at aged 18.  He is a pioneer of MMA in New England and has fought 16 times.  He has also corned and coached approximately 200 pro and amateur Muay Thai and MMa fights.

Everyone who has already taken a class from him has been very excited with his knowledge :-D

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